Bella Levy

Bella Levy is a product of the “American Dream”. Her Russian roots has given way to develop a desire for change and help humanity. She is a Radiology “SuperSHEro” in scrubs in our community fighting the Covid war in multiple local hospital facilities.

Desire for change lead her to be the International Pageant System, DC (2020) Maryland 1sr runner up (2021) Maryland 2022 as well as today’s international woman (2022) with a platform of Human Trafficking and a true humanitarian with a desire for a better world. She holds onto her sashes but always gives her tiaras away to young ladies and helps mentor them.
Bella is a born humanitarian going above & beyond with love and compassion for others; Her motto is “Kindness and Gratitude”; She’s been selflessly working the front lines of the C19 pandemic while helping our community using her platform of Human trafficking.
Bella is known to say “My paycheck of the heart is to help humanity”. As ambassador of Hope, She’s creator of the “Blue Ribbon Project”,focusing on Awareness, Education, and Prevention  methods of Human Trafficking. Our community needs more generous people like this beautiful Queen both inside and out.

Previously serving as the president of her professional society (MSRT), the Maryland Society  Technologist, later that year attending ASRT (American Society of Radiological Technologist) in Las Vegas where she was a delegate representing her state; That same year she also lobbied on Capitol Hill in our nations Capital for the rights and betterment of her professional society. She is now a senior board member of the MSRT.

Now Bella is focusing on her 2 main dreams. One is opening a safe haven to continue with her work of kindness and compassion, and the other is to get the QR code in the mass transit, airline, hotel, bus, cab and otjer transportation communities that are a known to have this issue. Her Gala is scheduled to be held right here in her home of BAltimore, Maryland at the Marriott next to the iconic hippodrome theatre. She has received multiple awards, latest was humanitarian award from the martial arts community. She is scheduled to receive the lifetime achievement award next month in her hometown and a movie she recently did had been dominated for an Oscar in February. This dynamic woman also serves as a mentor to other members in her community preparing them for the next steps in their life. 

Recently she ripped the runway in Newark fashion week. She won best supporting actress in DMV and continues  to serve as a consultant on many movie sets that are focused around human trafficking. She was asked to speak in Texas and had the opportunity to work directly with those recovered. She currently serves as a mentor for a young man’s academy in Nigeria and helps with part of their studies and the importance of protecting the girls and young ladies in underserved communities and tnat are most at most risk. In the middle of Covid, she stayed safe and also managed to open her NPO despite many challenges and obstacles. She also created a PSA that has been very well received in the cinema industry and will be part of previews at movie theatres. Her official red carpet launch will be later this month.


Bella’s kindness has helped so many and her lifesaving QR code continues to make worldwide impact. She is a true Queen in every sence of the word. This dynamic woman also traded her sash for boxing gloves and fought last November in celebrity boxing for her foundation. Her motto was “I fight for those who DONT have a choice or a VOICE.
Bella is always re inventing herself on how to help otkers in the community and worldwide. Proud mother of 2 children. Her son a captain of football team and her daughter is the captain of the volleyball team. Leadership is in her blood.
Bella always says that’s it’s a privilege  and an honor to serve and help humanity.

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