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The Bella Levy Foundation was created to educate in the prevention of Human Trafficking, Child Abduction, and support for neglected youths and young adults. We understand abused victims will carry shame & guilt throughout their life and effects of abuse. Our foundation provides programs serving Abused Youths & Adults who are survivors of sex trafficking and forms of mistreatment.

$100 Sponsorships

Mimi Perez Award

  • recognizes resilience in an individual, always demonstrating a sunny disposition no matter the obstacles

Sound of Freedom Award

  • recognition of the military

BLF Award of Excellence

  • recognition of humanitarian excellence

$100 Sponsorships

Runway Sponsor

  • aesthetics and floral décor with personalized sponsorship logo

“moment of silence”

  • flower dedication ceremony honoring all those that lost their lives while trafficked or still missing

Merch sponsor and “Swag Bag”

  • apparel, hats, shirts

Program Book

$200 Sponsorships

Mr. and Mrs. Gala Crowning Ceremony

  • winner is decided by our celebrity judges will win BLF Ambassador for 2024

360 Booth

    $300 Sponsorship

    Live Royal Blue Carpet

    • interviews and banner with official gala co-host
    • private green room for artists interview
    • Royal Blue Ribbon Balloon Archway and Pledge station

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    About Our Foundation

    The Mission

    We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit (Tax Deductible) charitable organization and 100% volunteer.  We focus our time on Awareness, Education and Prevention of Human Trafficking.

    Who IS Bella Levy

    Bella Levy is a product of the “American Dream”. Her Russian roots has given way to develop a desire for change and help humanity. She is a Radiology “SuperSHEro” in scrubs in our community.

    The Board

    A board of directors, also known as a nonprofit board, is the governing body of a nonprofit. The members of a nonprofit board focus on the high-level strategy, oversight, and accountability.