Board of Directors

Bella Levy is an advocate, medical professional and the1st runner up for Maryland International Pageant System 2021. Bella has always had it in her heart to help humanity, especially the misfortunate. ​

She is the founder of The Bella Levy Foundation, focusing on Awareness, Education and Prevention of Human Trafficking

As a young child, Alan dreamt of being in the entertainment industry be behind the camera directing or the business side of things, his dream finally came true in 2009.

Alan has been a producer for many content creators on Indie projects such as film and new media, even on-set as part of the crew.

Dave Armstrong is a prime example of a Broken Home, Foster Care, Youth Correction Facilities and more all by the age of 13. ​

Dave has been on Board of Directors as Vice President for non-profit organizations, created his own Martial Arts Mentoring program, and owned 3 martial arts schools not to mention a U.S Air Force Veteran.

Dr. Gwathney graduated from the University of Washington School of Medicine and is a board certified Family Medicine physician. ​

Dr. Gwathney is now has him as our Chief Compliance Officer. Dr. Gwathney is a Captain in the United States Public Health Service.

Alexis is an employee for a Community College Outreach Service Department which helps college students in need of human services assistance and crisis intervention. She is also the owner of #LexiLashes by Tori Belle Cosmetics. She is also the manager of G&G Productions; A Baltimore, MD based movie production company.  Alexis is also a contributing writer in S.W.I.F.T. Magazine.

Nancy Kaiser works in the IT field. She manages WKmegasounds. Nancy has co- written a film called “Homecoming”. She enjoys reading, writing and acting. She has acted recently in the movie called “Holiday Hit”, “Beautiful Scars” and “Sullen”. She enjoys spending time with friend and family.

He’s an Emmy nominated choreographer.

He judged and choreographed 2 of the hottest dance shows to ever hit the main stream So you think you can dance and AMERICAS BEST DANCE CREW.

He was one of the choreographers of the biggest dance movie of our generation YOU GOT SERVED.

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