What is Human Trafficking?

A FORM OF MODERN-DAY SLAVERY, TRAFFICKERS USE FORCE, fraud, or coercion to control victims for the purpose of labor, sexual services, or organ harvesting against their will.

Why become a Champion of Humanity?

The Bella Levy Foundation (BLF) works with the public to help bring awareness, education, and prevention methods, empowering each person to help save a life.

Who is the most at risk population?

Over 21 million people worldwide are victims of HT – Human Trafficking It affects individuals of every age, ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic background.

What is the revenue generated per year by the criminal industry?

$150 billion dollar a year.

How to become a Champion of Humanity?

See something, say something! Support The Bella Levy Foundation (BLF) with the lifesaving QR code.

What is the demographic of trafficking?

Extreme poverty and lack of resources and job opportunities are the main baseline for most trafficked and find themselves exploited. Women make up 75% and men are 25%.

How does the QR Code work?

Most victims of Human Trafficking are given burner phones. These types of devices only receive incoming calls. Victims are not able to dial out (For obvious reasons). When the QR Code is scanned, it will display the link to the BLF website with a button to call for 911 for immediate help or help someone and report to the authorities.

Where does HT happen?

In EVERY country across the world.

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